What is Body by Vi ?

What is Body by Vi ?

One of the most commonly asked questions is “ What is Body by Vi “? ViSalus Sciences® created Body by Vi™ to help folks utilize our life transforming products and benefit from our online and offline support tools. ViSalus’ exclusive challenge offers a simple, nutritional program with fun and easy recipes, menu plans, exercise videos, and online community support.

Body by Vi™ is designed to fit your lifestyle. Body by Vi™ is a 90–Day challenge that transforms people’s lives. The products are bundled for ultimate results, nutrition, and value. You can save money, and even get your kit for FREE when you have others join the challenge. And $100 off normal retail prices makes the deal even sweeter! There are five kits in the Body by Vi™ program and you can choose the kit that is aimed at helping you achieve your health, weight loss & fitness goals. Here is a snapshot of the 5 Challenge Kits:

  1. Balance Kit –provides a shake a day to help balance nutrition.
  2. Shape Kit –with 2 ViSalus shakes a day, an easy way to shape your body, slim down, and get fit.
  3. Core Kit –is the ultimate in daily nutritional support & includes Vi-pak® for cellular support and defense against aging free radicals.
  4. Transformation Kit –help your body transform fast. This is the preferred kit of the Body by Vi™ Champions. This is our most popular Body by Vi Challenge Kit.
  5. Fit Kit –The ViSalus Fit Kit is great for athletes and those that lead active lifestyles.

To learn more about Body by Vi™ and check out the Challenge Kits, go to our Products page http://www.visalusproductsonline.com/products/

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