What is the Body by Vi™ Diet?

ViSalus Body by Vi™ – Not Your Typical Diet

We get lots of calls and emails from folks asking us “What is the ViSalus Body by Vi diet?” or “Does the Body by Vi program work well for weight loss?”.  Actually, the Body by Vi™ Challenge is not a “diet” in the sense of the many fads that are out there, such as Adkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Mediterranean diet, Overnight Diet and the list goes on and on.    Body by Vi is a complete plan of weight loss and weight maintenance that is grounded in solid nutrition and scientifically targeted to help the body safely lose weight and then sustain the weight loss once achieved.

Body By Vi Weight Loss Program | ViSalus Diet Plan

Crash Diet Nutrient Risks – Visalus™ Solution

Most of the popular diets we hear about are essentially “crash diets” that deplete the body’s nutrients and load the blood stream with high levels of fat and sodium.  Others rid the body of water, some to the point of dehydration and many run the body low of energy by insisting on starving the carbohydrates. This is the reason we hear of folks rapidly losing weight and then quickly regaining the weight, often gaining more than they lost.

The Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge is simple, affordable and fun.  It’s revolutionary way to transform your body and was specifically designed to help you with the three essential elements of a successful food plan as recommended by leading health professionals: eating nutrient-rich foods, cutting calories and keeping your energy level up.

These healthy weight loss results are backed up by doctors. Read my physician’s, Dr. Steven Morganstern, Body by Vi™ product reviews.

The Challenge offers five different Kits that provide a nutritious way to meet individual, specific goals and make your health a priority for 90 days at a time.  Body by Vi Challenge Kits are packed with powerful, proven products to help you shed pounds, build lean muscle, increase your energy by boosting metabolism and control hunger.

In addition to a Kit for every lifestyle, The Challenge offers a vibrant community of people providing direct support, as well as experts who will teach you how to get healthy and fit while you live your life.  It’s a whole lifestyle approach with 90-day results—guaranteed.  Your support also includes a recipe app, a website with tools and tips, a plan for helping you set and achieve your 90-day goal and unconditional support.

Whatever Challenge Kit you choose, make it a point to be thoughtful about what you eat every day.  The Balance and Core Kits provide one Vi-Shape® shake aBody by Vi Weight Loss Plan Kit with Vi-Shape | ViSalus Diet Program day while the Shape, Transformation and Fit Kits provide two Vi-Shape® shakes a day.  Your other meal is very important as well.  Our online resources provide healthy, sensible meal plans that are low in saturated fats, sodium and refined sugars.  ViSalusProductsOnline.com highly recommends our friends at WholeFood Farmacy for an assortment of convenient whole food based meals and snacks.  We encourage you to visit their online store today.  It is also important to make a conscious effort to get the exercise necessary to keep your body healthy and strong.  It’s your body, so treat it like it’s the only one you will ever have.

You can now see that the Body by Vi Challenge is not just another fad diet.  Body by Vi is a complete weight loss and weight maintenance program that is designed to be sustained.  Instead of adapting your lifestyle to a program, we’ve adapted a program to your lifestyle.  Join the Body by Vi™ 90-Day Challenge today and lose weight the healthy way.

We love hearing from our valued customers and site visitors.  If you have any questions about The Body by Vi program, let us hear from you!  Call or Text Us (615) 828-4293

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Vi-Shape® Shake Mix – Fuel Your Challenge

The centerpiece of all  Body by Vi™ Challenge Kits is our Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix.  Vi-Shape is “the shake mix that tastes like a cake mix“. The nutritional dynamo of every Body by Vi™ Challenge Kit, Vi-Shape offers a filling and nutritionally sound meal designed to help you lose weight, keep blood sugars level and support lean muscle and healthy energy.  In addition to the United States and Canada, Vi-Shape® is now available in the United Kingdom and is included in the 3 unique Body by Vi UK Challenge Kits.

Healthy Weight Loss Delicious Shake Recipes Online

Our Body By Vi Nashville-based team has posted some delicious Vi-Shape recipes for our customers and website guests. Feel free to peruse our Vi-Shape recipes.

ViSalus ViShape Shakes

The ViSalus Vi-Shape® shake is uniquely formulated with a specific blend of ingredients including protein, fiber and key vitamins and minerals.  Tri-Sorb™ is our unique, proprietary blend of three proteins that work together synergistically to help keep you satisfied and support lean muscle. Each serving of our shake includes a non-GMO soy protein and two forms of whey protein that, when combined, deliver superior benefits.

Our shake has been designed by the ViSalus Scientific Advisory Board to be scientifically sound for your body.  Our Board includes Ph.D’s in human nutrition, medical doctors, microbiologists and toxicologists. Among them is Dr. Steven Witherly, author of Why Humans Like Junk Food, who is a leading expert in the field of food science and has led the research and development for top companies—including name brands that you see on supermarket shelves across the world.

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Made with ViSalus Sciences® exclusive Tri-Sorb™ protein blend and prebiotic fiber, our shake is fortified with 25 vitamins and minerals to support active lifestyles. It is lactose and gluten free and has less than 1 gram of sugar per serving so it is Diabetic Friendly.  It is processed to remove isoflavones.

Tri-Sorb™ is a proprietary blend of 3 high-quality proteins, along with digestive enzymes for maximum absorption to support lean muscle.

What’s in Vi-Shape®? Our Ingredients:

  1. A unique blend of proteins that work quickly and provide long–lasting nutrition to help you burn fat and build lean muscle.
  2. Heart healthy non-GMO soy protein. (No Isoflavones)
  3. Fibersol™, a new patented fiber blend that helps keep you feeling full, providing benefits of fiber without gas that can be caused by other types of fiber.
  4. Aminogen™ to help your body maximize protein and nutrient absorption.
  5. 25 Vitamins and minerals, along with other ingredients that help you burn fat.

Reasons our Vi-Shape Shakes are Great!

  • Proprietary Tri-Sorb™ protein blend helps build lean muscle to help your body burn fat
  • Full serving of fiberViSalus ViShape Shake Mix
  • Low fat
  • Low sodium
  • Low sugar
  • Lower carb than other brands
  • Lactose-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Heart-healthy
  • Includes calcium for bone health
  • Good for those watching their sugar intake
  • Certified OU Kosher
  • 25 Vitamins & Minerals

More Information about Vi-Shape® Shake Mix

Download Vi-Shape® Shake Mix Fact Sheet (PDF)

Vi-Shape® Shake Ingredients

Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix FAQ

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