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Buy ViSalus Body by Vi on Amazon or eBay? Buyer Beware!!

Buy ViSalus Body by Vi on Amazon or eBay? Buyer Beware!!

ViSalus on Amazon…Body by Vi on eBay? Better Think Twice!

Every month, the ViSalusProductsOnline.com Team receives inquiries asking “Can you buy ViSalus on Amazon?” or “How do you buy Body by Vi on eBay?”.  Our response is simple… BUYER BEWARE!!

Our response is based on ongoing requests for help from individuals that have purchased their ViSalus Body by Vi products from vendors on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist and other non-regulated sites.  Many vendors selling on these sites are not Authorized ViSalus™ distributors, but rather entities who have bought excess product from individuals that is now either expired or about to expire and sell it online for less than wholesale prices. 

Here are some of the common complaints we hear from Amazon and eBay buyers of ViSalus Body by Vi products:

  • ~Product was not fresh (expired or about to expire)Visalus on Amazon and Ebay
  • ~Product had been opened or was damaged during shipping
  • ~Did not receive all products included in the Challenge Kit
  • ~Did not receive their order
  • ~Order was lost and vendor was unwilling to reship
  • ~Buyer learned after the fact that he/she was unable to access Body by Vi online resources, including Challenge.com.
  • ~Buyer was unable to participate in Project 10
  • ~Buyer is unable to participate in “3 for Free” and get their monthly Challenge Kit for free.
  • ~Products is not covered by the Body by Vi 90-Day Money-Back Results Guarantee
  • In most cases, the wonderful people at ViSalus Customer Service are unable to assist because there is no record of the order since it was not purchased from an Authorized ViSalus Body by Vi Distributor.


We have been contacted numerous times by individuals who have visited our site, yet have then purchased from Amazon, eBay, Craigslist or other sites.  Once their product has been ordered and they encountered issues or have questions upon delivery, they contact us for assistance.  Unfortunately, we are unable to assist these individuals as they must contact the source of their purchase.  It is communicated to us over and over again, “I have attempted that and get no response”.  As an Authorized ViSalus Distributor, we assist those who purchase through our site with any needs that may arise upon delivery of the product and provide ongoing assistance as we truly VALUE all of our customers. When you purchase from ViSalusProductsOnline.com, you have access to all ViSalus customer service resources.

So, if you are thinking about buying your ViSalus shakes or Body by Vi Challenge Kit on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist or other such sites, we remind you to proceed with CAUTION.  Be sure when you order our amazing RESULTS-GUARANTEED products, youViSalus Ebay buy from an Official ViSalus Body by Vi Distributor such as ViSalusProductsOnline.com .  All orders placed on our site are processed through ViSalus™ and shipped from official ViSalus™ distribution centers throughout North America and Europe.  Authorized distributors proudly display they are ViSalus™ Independent Promoters and display their ID numbers at the top or bottom of each page.  At ViSalusProductsOnline.com , we provide our contact information so customers and potential customers can call, text us or email us, as well as offer Live Chat during office hours.  We love hearing from you!  Please contact us with any questions and we will promptly respond.


Michael Tabers

Written by mtabers



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