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Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

The benefits of adding additional Omega-3’s to your diet are well known. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil have well documented benefits to the heart and vascular systems. Increasing attention is now being paid to Omega-3 effects on the brain....

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Buy ViSalus Body by Vi on Amazon or eBay? Buyer Beware!!

Every month, the ViSalusProductsOnline.com Team receives inquiries asking “Can you buy ViSalus on Amazon?” or “How do you buy Body by Vi on eBay?”. Our response is simple… BUYER BEWARE!! Many vendors selling on these sites are not Authori...

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NEW Body by Vi™ Fuel Kit – The Best of Both!

The Body by Vi™ Fuel Kit - A Natural for ViSalus Shake & Cereal Lovers

Fuel your weight-loss and fitness Challenge goals with the Body by Vi™ Fuel Kit, the NEW ViSalus Kit that provides a shake a day and a bowl of Vi Crunch™ a d...
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ViSalus™ Compensation Plan – Best in the Industry for Promoters

There is only one thing that may help you share The Visalus™ Challenge with others even faster than your own results, and that's Promoter INCENTIVES & COMPENSATION!

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