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How Does Body by Vi™ Work?

How Does Body by Vi™ Work?

Many of our customers write or call asking us “Does Body by Vi really work?  How will ViSalus help me lose weight?”  ViSalus Sciences® worked hard to create a weight loss program that is compatible with real life.  That’s the key… Body by Vi™ works because it’s simple, affordable and easy to incorporate into your busy everyday life.  Joining the Body by Vi™ Challenge is as easy as setting a weight loss or fitness goal, selecting one of the seven unique ViSalus Body by Vi™ Challenge Kits and sharing your results with others.

Why it Works?

Two words explain why the Body by Vi™ Challenge is sweeping North America and the UK: convenience and ease.  At the heart of each Challenge Kit is Vi-Shape®, known as “The shake mix that tastes like a cake mix!”  Created using scientific research, Vi-Shape is packed with protein-rich nutrition that helps curb hunger and keep blood sugars level.  Learn more about Vi-Shape® nutrition.


“The program is simple because it’s based on drinking protein shakes,” ViSalus Sciences Co-Founder and CMO Blake Mallen says.  “Drink one or two shakes a day, eat a healthy third meal and eat healthy snacks in between.  That’s something the average person can do.  Usually within a week or two, they start to see results.  And, the more results people see, the more excited they are to stick with the program.”


Being able to replace one or two meals a day with a delicious and nutritious Vi-Shape® shake doesn’t just make sense for your health, but for your wallet too, as Ryan Blair points out.  “It’s expensive to follow meal plans that include healthy and organic foods.  The average person doesn’t have the time or money to do that.  A shake is less than a couple of dollars per meal and it’s a transfer spend, meaning you’re using the money you would normally spend on groceries.  Instead of spending more money on unhealthy options, you can spend less money on healthier options.”*

The Science of Weight Loss

With more than six decades of experience, the Research & Development Team at ViSalus Sciences® is a fine-tuned machine.  The Team has formulated products to work in more than 65 counties around the world and studies trends, research ingredients, talk with scientists and doctors and read clinical studies before formulating new products.

In addition, ViSalus goes through many quality processes to ensure quality and potency.  ViSalus products are made in cGMP facilities that are FDA inspected and the company tests ingredients to ensure purity.

Many doctors have begun integrating ViSalus products in their medical practices due to the scientific research behind the products and the results achieved.  Whether patients need to improve their daily nutrition or lose weight, Body by Vi’s Vi-Shape shake mix is fiber & protein-rich, provides 23 vitamins and minerals, is diabetic-friendly, low in sugar and carbohydrates, as well as gluten and lactose free.  Read more about doctors’ experience with ViSalus Body by Vi results.

90 Day Money Back Results Guarantee

Having already helped millions of people lose millions of pounds, ViSalus Sciences® is so confident that the Body by Vi™ Challenge works that in 2013, the NEW Challenge is offering a 90 day money-back results guarantee.  Learn more about the Results Guarantee and the other exciting incentives of the NEW Body by Vi Challenge.

Please contact us with any questions about our products and program.  Yes, Body by Vi works!  Transform your life starting today…. Join the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge!


Life, Health, Prosperity!

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*”Challenge Magazine”

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