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We want our customers to be informed when it comes to the ingredients, health, and expected benefits of ViSalus Sciences® ProductsWe are often asked “Does ViSalus™ Work?”   Lots of people we speak with about ViSalus Body by Vi are interested in what doctors say about our products and results. We have compiled a
Steven Morganstern, M.D. list of reviews from Steven Morganstern, M.D., a board certified practicing physician for 32 years in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a member of the Medical Honor Society, has authored numerous articles and books and is a national lecturer that has appeared on “Good Morning America”, CNN, “20/20″, and numerous local newscasts. Dr. Morganstern describes his approach to patient care as a “total care perspective that encompasses the whole patient”. To accomplish this goal, he has joined forces with ViSalus to offer the best healthcare products on the  market today. In a recent letter to another physician, Dr. Morganstern said, “I have experienced great success with ViSalus™ products. Presently, over 250 patients are on the product with excellent results and no negative side effects. There have been improvements in diabetic control, blood pressure, as well as lipid reduction. It is without reservation that I recommend ViSalus to you and your patients.”

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Product reviews by Steven Morganstern, M.D.

Transformation Body by Vi™ Kit Review

Transformation Kit : “My patients who use the Body by Vi™ Transformation Kit are experiencing amazing weight loss results, increased lean muscle, along with improved nutrition and energy levels. I recommend this Kit for individuals with a goal of accelerated shaping, enhanced metabolism, improved nutrition and peak energy levels. My experience shows the Transformation Kit is effective in controlling hunger, the culprit that sabotages many weight loss efforts.”

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Core Body by Vi Kit Reviewed

Core Kit : “My patients who use the Body by Vi™ Core Kit are experiencing enhanced nutrition, increased lean muscle and energy. I recommend this Kit for active individuals with a goal of optimal nutrition, weight maintenance and peak energy levels. The Core Kit is perfect for athletes who desire a high-quality protein in ViSalus Shakes to fuel muscles and energy for sustained performance. This Kit includes the ViSalus™ Vi-Pak, a health protection system based on 25 years of scientific study, including NIH (National Institute of Health) funded research.”

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Shape Body by Vi Kit Review

Shape Kit : “My patients who use the Body by Vi™ Shape Kit are experiencing healthy weight loss results, increased lean muscle and improved nutrition. I recommend this Kit for individuals with a goal of safe weight loss and improved daily nutrition. The Shape Kit is ideal for athletes to use after a workout session to help fuel muscles with high-quality protein in the ViSalus Shakes.”

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Balance Body by Vi™ Kit Reviewed

Balance Kit : “My patients who use the Body by Vi™ Balance Kit are experiencing improved nutrition & digestion. I recommend this Kit for individuals with a goal of maintaining their weight and improving daily nutrition.”

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“I am thrilled to be affiliated with because they are the leading ViSalus online distributor and have a reputation of taking care of their customers. I use ViSalus Sciences products daily and now have over 250 of my patients using ViSalus Shakes ,including the popular ViShape® shake, and Body by Vi Challenge Kits to safely lose weight through improved nutrition. The New Year is a time when many people assess their health, including making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and refocus on their physical and mental well-being. My partnership with will allow us to share my successful ViSalus weight Loss results with individuals throughout North America.” —Steven Morganstern, M.D., Atlanta, GA in a December 31, 2012 press release.

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The ViSalus Sciences® Scientific Advisory Board is responsible for reviewing ingredients and final formulas to help ensure they are safe, effective, and among the best–tasting nutritional products in the industry today.

Two key members include Michael Seidman, M.D. and Steven Witherly Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Seidman is renowned for his work in the area of Anti–Aging nutrition and herbal therapies having been awarded multiple government patents for his ground–breaking research funded by the National Institutes of Health for nearly 25 years.

Dr. Steven Witherly, author of Why Humans Like Junk Food is a leading expert with over 30 years in the fields of Food Science, Nutrition, and Product Formulation. His extensive career includes high–level product development positions at many world recognized food and health companies.

The Scientific Advisory Board also includes experts in Microbiology, Nutrition, Chemical Analysis.

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